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Discussing the Books of Kathleen M. Jacobs -
Bookmarked | Podcast on Spotify

Janie, Draco, and Allison discuss Kathleen M. Jacobs's vast publications on the May 24th 2024 episode of Jan-Carol Publishing's podcast. Listen Here on Spotify.

Blackwater Press Short Story Collection 2022

My short story, "Running from Rhymes," placed second in Blackwater Press's 2022 Short Story Anthology, INK.  Visit them at to order a copy.

The Stillness of Heartache: A Lyrical Poem

This work looks at the universality of the trials and tribulations of a life lived, with all its joys and disappointments. It begins from the moment we arrive until the moment we depart.

The work is only available through me in a signed and numbered, limited edition of 50 copies. Each is priced at $16.50. Free US shipping.

Wellspring: Stories

This collection of short stories shines a very bright light on the resiliency of the Appalachian woman.  The stories can be read at

"I am Appalachia.  In my veins runs fierce mountain pride; the hill-fed streams of passion; and stranger, you don't know me!"  Muriel Miller Dressler (WV, 1970)

WV Living Cover 12-21.jpg
Runner-up Best Author Best of WV 2021

We did it again! For the second year in a row, I have been chosen Runner-up Best Author of WV by WV Living Magazine. I am grateful and humbled by this recognition of my work. And I thank each of you for voting for me. I’ll treasure your support forever.

Fireflies Dancing in the Night

When Luna begins to see the pink petals of the blossoming dogwood outside her classroom, spring fever quickly turns to thoughts of summer vacation and her family's annual trip to visit relatives in the Midwest.  They soon pack their car with everything they need, including Luna's pet hedgehog, Thistle, dreaming of watching the flickering fireflies dancing in the night.

Fireflies Dancing in the Night is a story of the innocence of youth, the timeless beauty of nature, and the interwoven intricacies of the ties that bind us one to the other.

Runner-up Best Author Best of WV 2020

WV Living's annual Best of WV issue is always anticipated with the excitement of Christmas morning.  Never though, in my wildest imaginings, did I ever think I'd one day be honored in this way for my work.  I am immensely grateful.


Sophie & the Bookmobile

When Sophie's family moves from New York City to West Virginia, she not only has to leave her friends and the city and library she loves so much, but she has to figure out what will happen when she discovers that there is no library in her new town. But when she discovers something called a bookmobile and other new treasures, all is right with the world.

Betsy Blossom Brown

Betsy Blossom Brown is a coming-of-age story about a young girl who journeys from being an observer of life to a participant. Her seemingly idyllic life with her privileged South Carolina family is turned upside down, revealing truths and disarming pretensions. She’s independent, opinionated, and brave. Uncertainty enters her life when she and her mother move to the Appalachian region until, through a series of unsettling events, she sheds her uncertainty and learns to embrace life. The graphite illustrations help to understand the depth of Betsy Blossom Brown, as she sketches her way through life recognizing her mild Asperger syndrome, without letting it curb her appetite for life.

small objects cover.jpg
The Puppeteer of Objects:
A Lyrical Poem

This lyrical poem asks, "What might objects see in us as they set their gaze?" rather than what we might see in them.  Through the exploration of twelve seemingly inanimate objects, the reader is invited to peel back their intricate layers to reveal the voice behind these mute, yet ever-faithful friends.  And, in the process, pretensions are dropped and reality finds its way into even the most remote places.

Please Close It!

When Timmy Timberjamb refuses to close his drawers and doors, his mother devises a clever plan to convince him to change his ways.

“Jacobs paints pictures with her words, conveying not only the storyline but the enthusiasm of children as they enjoy
childhood pleasures and gently learn the WHY of simple actions. This story will easily become a childhood favorite for both
parents and kids. A rollicking good read!” 

—Katy Smith,

West Virginia elementary school reading specialist

Collected Curiosities
Available Now From Your Favorite Bookseller

A collection of poems, essays, and opinions. Thoughtful and whimsical.

". . . an up-and-coming new voice in Southern literature."

Amazon Reviewer

Marble Town
Available Now

Marble Town tells the story of thirteen-year-old Cole Atwater whose mother was killed in an automobile accident when he was ten.  Cole questions whether or not he will follow in the destructive footsteps of his best friend, cling to his childhood sweetheart, become further distant from his grieving father, or trust himself.  Through mysterious clues left throughout the historic cemetery his mother tended, the story becomes one of hope, healing, and redemption.

Jacobs’s language and imagery are something to sink your teeth into.  Her descriptions are perfectly crafted.  Marble Town is a story of hope and healing and a young boy who faces what each of us faces:  choosing between good and bad, between soaring and falling.

~ Anna Hartman, writer, Charleston, SC

Honeysuckle Holiday

Honeysuckle Holiday is now available at Left Bank Books in St. Louis.

"A richly detailed debut novel of a Southern girl's 1960s childhood."


"Jacobs is a talented, descriptive writer who provides particularly lush descriptions..."


"A brief but enjoyable historical novel."


Kirkus Reviews

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