Social media posts focus primarily on babies & travel, food & events, and all manner of pets. And, since I joined in 2016 with the publication of Honeysuckle Holiday and later, Marble Town, I've noticed the growing number of newly-published authors introducing their work -- with passion -- to the FB and Twitter communities. Their books are, in essence, their babies, their travels. The publishing world is very competitive. And unless an author publishes traditionally, with a "big house," their chances of reaching a significant level of success are about as strong as winning the lottery. But, with your help, those numbers are not nearly as daunting. Hundreds of thousands of books are publi


"A ship in port is safe, but that's not what ships are built for." Navy Admiral Grace Hopper Google "schools not teaching slavery" and reports from the Chicago Tribune, NPR, The Atlantic, Newsweek, the Washington Post, the Southern Poverty Law Center and others add to page after page of this troubling movement. In working to bring my debut, YA-novel, Honeysuckle Holiday, to students throughout WV, VA, and TN, I'd like to invite all high school students to join me for a discussion of the book. You can either order the book from your favorite bookseller, Amazon, or contact me and I'll ship the book to you. The cost is $10.00/copy. For every book ordered through my website, I will donate a

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