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The very first thing I think of whenever I hear the expression Boo! is the character Boo Radley from Harper Lee's classic, To Kill a Mockingbird. And then I hear Scout's sweet voice, "Hey, Boo." And, of course, thoughts then journey to Scout's eventual understanding and acceptance of Boo as a friend and neighbor and not so frightening after all. In keeping with a good, spooky story how about reading one this Halloween as you enjoy your bag full of treats?

MARBLE TOWN, my middle-grade novel is, according to 11-year-old reader, James ". . . sometimes creepy. It has a lot of turns, and it's a really good book." And fellow middle-grader, Will, wrote, "Marble Town is great!"

MARBLE TOWN is filled with mystery, chilling visits to an old cemetery, and unearthed messages written on hand-made papers that Cole, the protagonist in the story, discovers scattered about headstones at the cemetery. Read more about MARBLE TOWN on my website:

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