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If you've read my YA-novel, Honeysuckle Holiday, you most certainly "tasted" Lila's fried apple pies. She fried "the juiciest apple pies in the universe." Lucy loved them, and so did I in the summer of 1966 when my family and I lived in the hot, humid heat of a Memphis afternoon and even still in the hot, humid heat of an Appalachian day. Like Lila and my family, I think I'll always love juicy, fried apple pies and the memories -- the bittersweet memories -- they conjure.

And so, in preparing for a gathering of Honeysuckle Holiday readers later this month, here's a recipe for Fried Apple Pies that I uncovered on It's as close to Lila's recipe (although I seriously doubt it was ever written down) as I could find, closing my eyes and remembering . . . I think she would give her seal of approval, although not complete -- close enough. Enjoy!

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